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Will God show up on time? Will He come through for me? What if…

We’ve all been there; at that place where the pressure from what we need to see done builds up, and we wonder if the Lord would come thru for us. Sometimes we struggle to even remember that we have a God who can provide the solutions or interventions we seek.

This is the predicament the disciples found themselves in when they got into a boat without the Lord Jesus, and got caught in a tempest. They became deathly afraid that they might perish in that storm, and forgot that they served a Master who could never let a storm kill them. After all, He Himself told them to get on the boat without Him. (See Matthew 14:22-33 for the story.)

But there was something that the disciples had with them inside the boat. They had the 12 baskets full of the leftover scraps of miraculous bread that the Lord had just fed the 5000 just a few hours ago! Remember that the Lord had told them to gather those scraps and take them with them. (See Matthew 14:14-21 For the story.)

So right there in that boat, in the midst of the terrifying storm, the disciples had the evidence that they served a Master who is all-powerful, and can deliver them from the deadly storm. But they were totally focused on the raging storm, and failed to see the significance of the scraps.

All around us there are scraps of old miracles that the Lord had done for us in the past! There are things that the Lord blessed us with in miraculous ways. There are things that ought to remind us of the great and faithful God we serve! Look around you and remember the story behind some of the things that you have all around you. Remember that if it weren’t for the Lord who provided…! Maybe your house has grown too small for your family, and doesn’t look as good as it once did; it now looks like ‘scrap’. But remember how it looked like the best house in the world when you first bought it, and how God miraculously helped you purchase it then. Your car may be all dilapidated now, and embarrasses you. But remember how God moved someone to bless you with it years ago when you desperately needed a car. Don’t know how you’ll pay your next bills? Remember those many other times when you were in that same kind of predicament and God helped you pay your bills. See your children and remember how He showed up and healed them when they were ill.

Brethren, let us grow in our walk with the Lord to the point where we learn to never forget that He is God! Let us learn to see all around us the evidence that we serve a God who is real, who is all-powerful, and who is faithful to deliver His own! In those times of extreme darkness, when it is near impossible to see the light of God, look around you and see the things He’s done in the past, and let those scraps remind you that you serve a great God who is able and faithful to deliver you from the issue that is troubling you.

THE LORD CAME WALKING TOWARDS THE DISCIPLES RIGHT IN THE MIDST OF THE STORM! There’s a huge significance in the fact that the Lord appeared right in the middle of the storm and started walking towards the disciples: It symbolizes the fact that HE WILL ALWAYS EVENTUALLY APPEAR IN THE MIDST OF THE ISSUES WE’RE DEALING WITH! The issue may last for mere moments, or for days or years, but EVENTUALLY, the Lord does show up in the midst of it to put an end to it!

Until He does, look on the things He’s done in the past to remind yourself that He who did it then, can AND WILL do it again!

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Sarah laughed when she overheard God telling Abraham that she would soon have a child (Genesis 18:12). Our all-seeing God saw that she had laughed and asked “is anything too hard for The Lord?” (Genesis 18:14).
So when The Lord did what He said He would do, and Sarah had her son, He told them to name him ISAAC, which means ‘he laughs’.
Who is the ‘he’ that’s laughing? It is The Lord! He laughed the kind of laughter that people laugh when they do something that everyone said they couldn’t do. That’s why He told them to name the child ‘He laughs’, as a testament to the fact that He had the last laugh over the matter!
Somebody else also laughed because of what The Lord had done: Sarah. When she had her son, she sang and danced and laughed.
Brethren, rejoice! Because you will ALWAYS have the last laugh! Why? Because your God will ALWAYS have the last laugh!
I don’t care what issue has caused people to laugh at you, the great news I have for you is that as long as the God of Abraham and Sarah is your God, you will have the last laugh over that issue BECAUSE YOUR GOD WILL HAVE THE LAST LAUGH OVER THAT ISSUE!
Fully trust in the God of Abraham, and watch Him give you that last laugh! You may not see how such a thing could be possible right now, but remember Sarah. She couldn’t see how either. But as she found out, nothing is too hard for our God! Start practicing your last laugh over that issue!!!

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