08 Sep

Sarah laughed when she overheard God telling Abraham that she would soon have a child (Genesis 18:12). Our all-seeing God saw that she had laughed and asked “is anything too hard for The Lord?” (Genesis 18:14).
So when The Lord did what He said He would do, and Sarah had her son, He told them to name him ISAAC, which means ‘he laughs’.
Who is the ‘he’ that’s laughing? It is The Lord! He laughed the kind of laughter that people laugh when they do something that everyone said they couldn’t do. That’s why He told them to name the child ‘He laughs’, as a testament to the fact that He had the last laugh over the matter!
Somebody else also laughed because of what The Lord had done: Sarah. When she had her son, she sang and danced and laughed.
Brethren, rejoice! Because you will ALWAYS have the last laugh! Why? Because your God will ALWAYS have the last laugh!
I don’t care what issue has caused people to laugh at you, the great news I have for you is that as long as the God of Abraham and Sarah is your God, you will have the last laugh over that issue BECAUSE YOUR GOD WILL HAVE THE LAST LAUGH OVER THAT ISSUE!
Fully trust in the God of Abraham, and watch Him give you that last laugh! You may not see how such a thing could be possible right now, but remember Sarah. She couldn’t see how either. But as she found out, nothing is too hard for our God! Start practicing your last laugh over that issue!!!

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