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When God made EVERY SINGLE soul in heaven and sent that soul into a woman’s womb, He hoped for something very specific from that soul. The secret to the Lord Jesus’ success on earth is that He had discovered what God had hoped for in sending Him to earth. He understood that He came from the Father, therefore, from heaven; he understood that He had to do everything in His power to make it back to heaven when He dies.

But, most importantly, He understood that there was a very specific reason for which God had sent Him to earth, which was to reveal the Father to men, then give up His life for men, then rise up again from death. That’s what He shared with the disciples when He said to them:

“For this reason the Father loves Me, because I lay down my life so that I may take it again. No one has taken it away from Me, but I lay it down on My own initiative. I have authority to lay it down, and I have authority to take it up again. This commandment I received from My Father.” – John 10:17-18 (NASB)

Once the Lord Jesus caught this understanding of what was expected of Him -of what God had hope for out of Him- He lived for no other reason but to fulfill this command.

What command have you received from the Father? If you were 100 years old today, having retired from all the works that you once did, would you say that you have accomplished what God had hoped for out of your life?

Life is not about having a good source of income, a family, and just being a Church-going believer. But it is about fulfilling those specific things that God who sent you to this earth, had hoped for you to accomplish in His Kingdom! JUST AS EVERY SINGLE ORGAN IN THE HUMAN BODY HAS A VERY SPECIFIC AND INDISPENSABLE ROLE THAT IT IS MEANT TO PLAY FOR THE GOOD FUNCTIONING OF THE HUMAN BODY, SO DOES EVERY SINGLE MEMBER OF THE LORD’S BODY HAVE A ROLE TO PLAY!

What specific command(s) has He given you? What vision(s) has He given you? What burden(s) has He placed in your heart? What talent(s) has He blessed you with? What dream(s) have you been dreaming? When you discover that He has given you any of these things, then you have discovered what He had hoped for out of you when He sent you into this world.

So maybe you already have discovered some role that God has given you to play, and have been doing your best to fulfill that role. Or maybe you have no idea what God has in mind for you. Fret not! Because the great news is that this great God who had hoped for something in you, is a God of second chances! With Him, it is never too late!!!

Moses was a man born of Jewish parents, but was raised by Pharaoh’s sister in Pharaoh’s palace, as an Egyptian prince. At the age of 40 he discovered what God had hoped for in him: That he would be the one to deliver the Jewish nation from Egypt’s bondage. He set out to fulfill this role, but ended up murdering a guard, and fleeing for his life. He ran to a place called Midian, married a woman and settled there. With time -40 long years- he forgot whom he was hoped for to be in life!

So for 40 years, there he was raising a family and herding goats when one day, he came up on burning bush! This burning bush was the God who had hoped for something great out of Moses who had come back to help him fulfill his calling in life!!!

Moses had resigned himself to fate and had forgotten the vision. You who are reading this, Maybe you used to have a vision to accomplish something in life; but for one reason or the other you’ve now found yourself in a place where you can’t even remember what the vision was all about. BUT GOD, WHO HAD HOPED FOR SOMETHING OUT OF YOU WHEN HE GAVE YOU THAT VISION, HAS NOT FORGOTTEN!

Maybe the devil has danced over the demise of that vision, and he’s just waiting for you to die as well so he can do his final dance over your grave with all the treasure buried with you inside that grave, BUT GOD HAS NOT forgotten what He had hoped for when He made you!!!

The renown servant of God, Miles Munroe, said that the greatest treasures are not found in bank vaults, but in cemeteries, because that is where the unfulfilled dreams and visions and unused talents are buried with people. When a person dies with such unspent treasures, the devil would go and dance over their grave, taunting God, who had hoped for so much out of that person.

That is why we read in Jude 1:9 about the time when Satan went to claim Moses’ body from his grave, but God sent Archangel Michael to recover it! Moses had accomplished what God had hoped for in him, so God did not allow the devil to own and disrespect his body!!!

The devil will not dance over your body!!!

There was one thing ONLY ONE THING which Sarah had hoped for in her life. Incidentally it was the same thing that God had hoped for out of her: Isaac! The time came AND PASSED TWICE when she could have accomplished that one thing. She went past the age of menopause twice! BUT ONE DAY God came and made it happen! One can imagine that Satan thought that he had this destiny all but locked away, and looked forward to her death so he could dance over her grave. But the God who had hoped for something great out of her, showed up to help her fulfill her great destiny!

NOW maybe YOU ACTUALLY HAVE BEEN working on a vision God gave you, and are therefore striving to be what God had hoped for in you. But I say remember the Prophet Isaiah! For years he had been a prophet of God Most High, prophesying what he heard from God. BUT THE DAY CAME when God showed up and gave him an divine encounter that took his ministry to a far greater level, enabling him to accomplish what God had hoped for in him, which was that he would be the one to prophesy about the Lord Jesus!

Joseph had dreams of what God had hoped for in him – that he would become a ruler over all men, including his own family! Despite a life amid people who actively fought against his fulfillment of those dreams, GOD KEPT SHOWING UP EVERYWHERE THROUGHOUT Joseph’s life, in order for him to be able to fulfill that which He had hoped for in Joseph!


1. Not knowing Christ.The first and foremost thing that God hopes in every single soul that He creates is that that soul would be reconciled to Him, and would become His child forever. So no matter how successful a person might grow to be in life, if he or she dies never knowing God, he or she has failed to please God with his or her life.

2. Lack of ability to hear, see or perceive what God would have us hear, see or perceive in the spiritual realm. HOW CAN ONE KNOW WHAT GOD HAD HOPE FOR IN ONE UNLESS ONE FIRST OF ALL DISCOVER IT? God is faithful to reveal to every man what His plans, desires, aspirations are for that man in this world. We are the ones who fail to see what He tries to reveal to us!We must seek to develop our abilities to hear, see, perceive and interact in the realm of the spirit! It is simply indispensable to a successful walk with, and service unto God!

Apostle Paul put it this way: “Now concerning spiritual gifts, brethren, I would not have you ignorant.” – 1Corinthians 12:1 (KJV)

3. Lack of faith and commitment.
One of the greatest deceases that plague Christendom is the prevailing lack of commitment from too great a percentage of the members of the Body of Christ. The point is that after receiving a mandate from the Lord, a believer must then do all in his power to fulfill that mandate! After hearing, or seeing, or perceiving what God has in mind for us, we must be totally committed to accomplishing it!

This commitment must comes from our faith in God! From the fact that we believe beyond all doubts that he who gave us the mandate WILL help us fulfill it!

4. Unwillingness to do what it takes!
It is never easy to accomplish a task set before us by God. Unseen forces of darkness will fight us every step of the way! For this reason we must always be willing and prepared to do what we must do in order to achieve the goals set before us.

Let’s take a lesson from Hannah, whose case required more than just simple prayer. For years she had prayed and prayed for that one thing that God had hoped for out of her: Samuel, who would become one of the greatest prophets Israel will ever know. Until the day she decided to confront the issue head on and became violent about it! She took actions that moved God to see that what He had hoped for in her, happened! (See Hannah’s story in 1Samuel chapters 1 and 2)

– She went into fasting.
– She made a vow to God concerning the child she was hoping for.
– She offered a liquid sacrifice (weeping tears of sorrow and desperation as she prayed)
– She prayed a violent prayer: The kind that drew the attention of the High Priest and made her look like a drunken woman!

IT WAS THERE AND THEN THAT SHE ACTUALLY BIRTHED SAMUEL! The natural birth of Samuel was simply the earthly manifestation of what she had already accomplished that day at the Temple.

We must have ONLY ONE DESIRE in life: To be what God had hoped for in us! We must desire this so badly to be willing to do what it takes to travail in the Lord in order to birth all the great things that He had hoped for in us when He made and sent us into this world, to His glory!


1. Lord, that life that you had hoped for me to live, please reveal it to me!

2. Pray for ability to see, hear, perceive what He would have you do in His kingdom.

3. Tapping from Joseph’s example, pray that God would take such a keen interest in your case that He would watch over every step of your life as He did for Joseph.

4. Pray for mercy!!! That though you have so screwed up your life that you can’t see how to redress it, God would have mercy and set you back unto the path to fulfill the great destiny that He had hoped for you.

5. In Acts 7 and 8, we read about Stephen, a man who had some serious gift in him that God had hoped to use mightily through him. His opportunity to manifest those gifts arose when he called by the Apostles to be one of the food servers in the first Church. But what if he had never been called to serve food? What if the need to serve food never arose? Therefore, PRAY that God would create in your life the kind of situation in which your calling can be manifested! The situation in which your gifts and talents would be needed!


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